Water lilies make great pond plants for Minneapolis, MN  ponds. ‘Almost black’ water lily is not considered a hardy lily for Minnesota ponds inspite of being a zone 4.  To protect this floating pond plant, remove the lily pot, place in a bucket of water, and put in a garage or spcae that remains above freezing (~40 degrees F .)

Type: Water lily

Flower: A velvety, maroon to almost black flower growing 5-6″ in diameter. Young leaves may be red but turn green as they age. Flowers may have a slight fragrance. Blooms summer into fall.

Height: leaves float on water’s surface.

Light: Full sun.

Zone: 4-11 but considered a tropical lily in MN.

Water depth: 6″-30″, can go deeper with mature plants. Prefers still water so plant away from pumps or waterfalls to aviod splashing leaves. Feed with slow release tablets monthly for more blossoms. 

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