4 Low Maintenance Backyard Pond Tips from Minnesota Pond Contractor

You know that special ‘ahh’ moment when everything is right with the world? Your pond can give you that feeling!

When fish and plants are in perfect balance, maintenance drops and pleasure peaks. More relaxing, less worrying. Let’s dive in and do the pond checkup!

  • The most important part of your backyard pond system is the power duo of a biological filter and a mechanical skimmer. Mechanical skimmers
    remove any surface debris from the pond before it sinks and decays. Biological filters are homes to beneficial bacteria which break down excess nutrients in the water. Together, they clean the pond water from visible and invisible ‘junk”.
  • No smelly pond for us! Circulate your pond water! Circulation pushes oxygen around to all areas of the pond. The bad smell of rotting debris come from bacteria living in anerobic ecosystems. By pumping oxygen into your system, those nasty smells will be greatly reduced.
  • Eager to see more colorful fish in your pond? Here is a friendly reminder that they create waste, which, if unchecked, can tip the natural scales of your tranquil space. So stock up responsibly! A general rule of thumb is “one inch of fish per 10 gallons of water.” The number of fish per gallon is totally dependent on your filtration system, though. (see tip #1 and #2!)
  • Did you know overfeeding our aquatic pals can lead to a mess of pond algae in your beautiful water garden? Just feed the fish enough for them to consume in 2 to 3 minutes. Koi and goldfish also enjoy nibbling pond algae- they won’t starve!
Children enjoying a koi fish pond near Greenfield, Minnesota


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