Algae and Pond Plants


Algae appears because the water has too many nutrients floating around and not enough plants and good bacteria to compete with it. The high heat Minnesotans experience causes the algae to grow exponentially. ​​

Learning how to control algae successfully is part of the pond-life process. So here’s three things we recommend to control that nasty green.

Ecoblast: If your pond has lots of suspended, floating algae, try using Ecoblast, a contact granular algaecide. To use Ecoblast, shut the waterfall or pump off, sprinkle the granules directly on the algae, let it sit for 15 minutes, then turn the water  back on.  This product works on a wide range of water pH, kills algae on contact, and can be used at any water temperature.

SAB (stands for String Algae Buster): This product contains beneficial bacteria and enzymes designed to break down nutrients, improve water clarity, and maintain a healthy balance in the ecosystem.  It is fish safe and easy to use- simply scoop and pour into the water! Like taking vitamins, using SAB gives your pond ecosystem a boost of good bacteria!

Pond Plants: Floaters are heavy consumers of available nutrition and are great at competing with the algae. Not only do they use the nutrients, the roots provide a habitat for fish and shade the water.

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