Ask Jeff: Algae killer for my pond?

Q: Hi Jeff,

Say, that algae killer you put on the rocks really worked quite well. Just wondering if that’s something I can do more often myself. What product did you use and is there a particular way to apply it?

A: Hello!

Algae grows because there’s nutrition in your waterscape that needs to be used up. I used Waterfall and Rock Cleaner, and also added a fair amount of bacteria (to prevent future growth and clean the water). Ecoblast is a similar “consumer grade” product similar to Waterfall Cleaner and comes in smaller packages.

To apply Waterfall and Rock Cleaner, first turn off your pump. Simply sprinkle the cleaner directly on algae and debris. You will see foaming and bubbling as the debris is broken down. Wait a few minutes and then turn the pump back on.

Low Maintenance Ideas for keeping your pond clean:

We could add an automatic dosing system that adds bacteria automatically all summer long. Bacteria converts and eats the nutrition that algae grows from.

You could also add aquatic plants to your water feature to help consume the nutrition. (Plants you want versus plants you don’t want i.e. algae!)

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