MN Fall Pond Care

Autumn is our favorite season! The changes in temps,  the colors,  the deep blue of the sky,  and the flurry of activities are just the best! Included in those “flurry of activities” are pond and stream care jobs.  Some pond jobs are quick and easy but some require special tools!

Below are some preventative items you can do to care for your pond or stream in the autumn season:

1. Pumps
If you hear your waterfall or pond pump gurgling, check for debris build-up on the pump intake or the skimmer basket.  Leaves can rapidly fill the basket during this time of year causing water flow to slow down so much that the pump sucks air (hence the gurgling sound).  Running a gurgling pump will cause the motor to  burn out.

2. Fall Netting
This weekend would be a great time to put up your net, before the trees drop their leaves!
You will need:
*Lightweight, pond or bird netting big enough to cover the entire pond plus extra for the edges.
* poles like PVC tubing- used to hold the net off the water
*stakes or sod staples- to pin down the net edges

Anchor your poles up and over the pond, spread out the net, and pin it down. Simple yet cumbersome.  If you need help, please let us know. The crews will be going out soon to do netting. You can still get on the schedule.

3. Brown Water
Plant matter, particularly leaves, break down once in pond water.  This will cause your pond water to turn brown.  If you have brown water, you can use a product called Activated Carbon which will help clarify the water.  Activated carbon binds to the extra nutrients and tannins released from the leaves.  The carbon is placed in a mesh bag which is placed in the pond or biofalls. The carbon will need to be changed every two weeks for best results.

4. Cold Water Bacteria
Bacteria is the single, biggest factor in maintaining clear water in a pond or stream! If your water temperatures are dropping, it is time to switch to cold water bacteria.  If the water is at or below 50 degrees F, this is very important!  The cold water bacteria will work at that temperature but the regular, summer bacteria is rendered mostly useless.

5. Fall Flowers

Floating island planters can be refreshed with a fall display of mums, flowering kale, and grasses or sedges!  If you have a planter, simply replace old annuals with fresh mums.  If you would like to purchase a fall floating island, give us a call and we will make you one in the greenhouse!

​6. Fish Food:

Fish need less to eat when the water starts cooling down.  Check your pond water and if it is close to that 55 F degree mark, stop feeding the fish!  The food pellets will actually begin to rot in fish stomachs if it is too cold for them to digest.

7. Lights

With evening dust coming sooner, a bug-free evening by the splashing water is a great way to connect with family and friends or just relax after a stressful day. Underwater lights make it easy to enjoy your water feature even in the evenings!
Light fixtures can be swapped out for more efficient LED lights. Color changing lights are now available as well. Check out this link for pond lighting options:

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