Before & After of Backyard Koi Pond

This is the “before” pond picture- leaky pond which was not running.
I love seeing “before & after” pictures!  This Minneapolis koi pond was built many years ago.  The pond did not have any algae control.  It was surrounded by dry, compacted soil and rocks and weeds making it very hard to plant a garden near it and  was a complete eye sore to the home owner. So, they asked Jeff to rebuild it.  
The existing concrete patio was left in place but the old, leaky pond was totally removed and disgarded.  Soil was excavated and a new rubber liner was installed instead of a preformed plastic pond liner.  This gave the owner a larger, custom  shaped pond that fit the space.

The area for the pond was quite small. Actually, it was one of the first backyard ponds we built.
Ponds can be small and the filtration systems can be disguised to seemlessly blend in with the landscape.  If, like in this pond, the filter sticks up a bit more than wanted, aquatic plants can help soften the look. Even in small ponds it is important to use a filtration system to keep the water clear and to control algae.
​The water plants filled in as the summer went by and the end product was beautiful!  The owner loved having a backyard pond that was easy to maintain. I don’t think he grew any coi fish but he was able to grow some beautiful water lilies.
Backyard koi pond with water lilies and other aquatic plants
If you are interested in learning how to filter a small pond, check out ‘How to Choose the right filter for your pond” from Aquascape Inc.
If you have a small pond that needs to be cleaned, repaired, or upgraded, please send us a note.  Our friendly technicians will gladly walk you through the steps your backyard pond may need to operate clean and free of algae this summer.  Or if you just don’t have time, set up your pond spring cleaning today! 

Jeff working in the rain!

Part of the new waterfall and pond before it was finished.


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