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Canna Lilies

Aquatic Plants, Pond Plants, Locally Grown, Minneapolis St. Paul MN, Canna Type: Marginal Blooms: Flower color varies by species, 3″ across Light: Full Sun  Height: Up to 4 feet Zone: 7 Buy these pond plants here Varieties available this year: ‘Bengel...


Aquatic Plants, Pond Plants, Locally Grown, Minneapolis St. Paul MN Type: Marginal Blooms: Foliage plant Light: Part sun to part shade Height: 3-5 feet Zone: 9-11 Taros have large heart-shaped leaves held up by tall stems. Not a hardy plant but worth growing for the...

Native Cattail, Typha latifolia

Water garden plant: Locally grown near Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN: bog plant Type: Marginal pond plant, bog plant Flower: As plant matures, you may see typical, brown cattail flowers forming towards the end of summer. Height: 4-7′ Light: Full to part sun Zone:...

Umbrella Palm, Cyperus involucratus

Water plants for ponds: Aquatic pond plant: Tropical: Grown near Minneapolis, MN:  Type: Marginal pond plant Flower: Whorls of stiff green leaves grow on long stems. Grown for foliage mainly but interesting flowers appear at the tops of whorls. Height: 4′...
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