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Water Hyssop, Bacopa monnieri

Aquatic Plants, Pond Plants, Locally Grown, Minneapolis St. Paul MN Water Hyssop Type: Marginal pond plant, waterfall plant Flower:  Small, light purple Height: 4-6 inches max, creeping plant Light: Full to part sun Zone: 8-11 Water depth at planting: Likes moist...
Natural Ponds

Natural Ponds

Natural ponds are fairly common though not normally included in “water gardening” due to their utilitarian purposes.  Typically unlined and lacking filtration systems, natural ponds are called retention ponds, run-off ponds, HOA ponds, spring fed ponds or...
Transform Your Backyard into a Place to De-Stress!

Transform Your Backyard into a Place to De-Stress!

Do you feel tired and pent up?  Doctor yourself … with a pond! ( #Nature #Water trickling #Birds signing #Love Minnesota!) ​Backyards are not just lawn to mow if they have a pond or waterfall.  They BECOME… a place to play, alive, full of nature, interesting,...
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