Change Your unwanted Pond into a Pondless® Waterfall

​     If you have an old, leaky, or crumbling backyard pond causing you headaches, worry no more!  That old leaky pond can be transformed into a Pondless® water feature in a few steps and some sweat equity.  Benefits of Pondless® water features include running water without the maintenance, turning it off while on vacation, no wintertime de-icing, and no fish to overwinter!  This article shows the seven steps to transform your old pond into a low maintenance water feature.

Converting Old Pond to Pondless –Step by Step Guide 

1. Start with a clean slate!  First, you want to remove as much rock, gravel, or concrete edging as possible.  This may sound hard but thankfully taking things apart is always easier than putting them back together!  Depending on the size of your old pond, it should take about an hour or two of hard work. 
2. Next, remove any old liners or filter systems.  Often the old filter systems are still usable but it may be easier to replace them with an updated, more efficient version.  Check the liner for holes or tears.  If it is rubber and doesn’t have holes, it can be reused also.   Don’t save the liner if it is plastic- you will probably be disappointed with leaks or small cracks later. Plastic doesn’t hold up as well as rubber.
3. Now for the fun part- shaping your new Pondless waterfall!  What do you want it to look like?  It could be a small, meandering stream with a 3-level waterfall, or one big, dramatic waterfall into a small basin or anything you imagine. Super-important-step Make sure the waterfall is positioned so you can see it from your patio or house!  You don’t want to do all this work but be unable to see it.
4. Lay down the old liner. It will be padding under the new liner.  If you didn’t have an old liner, purchase padding (called underlayment in the pond world.  It is a felt-like fabric used to prevent rocks and sticks from puncturing the rubber.)
Liner and underlayment placed in water feature hole.
   5. After the liner is in place, set the vault box (this holds the pump) in its spot. Next to the vault box place Aquablocks. Both the vault box and aquablocks0 are in the basin and will be covered with gravel.  They are the hidden “filter system” for a Pondless® water feature. Aquablocks keep the basin hole from collapsing and reduce the amount of gravel needed.
Aquablocks and Pump vault before rubber liner is installed. The hole is being checked for correct size.
Rubber Liner correctly under Aquablocks and pump vault (sorry this picture is fuzzy).
6. Now it is time to set rocks and gravel.  This is when art meets science.  The rocks must be placed skillfully so they divert the water correctly.  You don’t want to lose the water unknowingly.  It helps to set one or two larger rocks in first then add the smaller rocks and gravel.
Placing boulders for water feature.
​7. Last, rinse all the rocks and gravel.  Pump out the dirty water and fill the basin.  It is time to turn your own Pondless® water feature on and enjoy!
Enjoying A low maintenance Pondless water feature!


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