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Fall Netting

Pond & Water Garden Fall Protective Netting

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Pond netting is sometimes needed, in the Twin Cities, Minnesota (MN) area, if excessive leaves have the potential of making their way into your pond. If your pond is in the direct vicinity of large trees then you will want to consider netting your pond. In the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota (MN) area, this needs to be done before the first leaves really start falling or usually around mid-September. Fall netting is an easy process. A net is stretched across the pond and anchored with rocks and/or pins. It is best not to have the net resting on the water surface since it will be difficult to remove with all the debris on it. Once all the leaves have fallen then the net is removed for the winter.
In the Fall your pond plants are thriving from their summer growth. However, soon the winter freezes will cause all that beautiful lush foliage to turn brown and ugly. If left unattended to, this foliage will die and fall into the pond causing excessive mess and eventual cleanup in the Spring. Therefore, Minnesota Waterscapes, recommends pruning all pond plants to within 1 inch of the water surface. This process should be performed after the first frost or by mid-October.

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