Goats in my Garage and other thoughts…

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Becky here- random thoughts on this cold Minnesotan week.

We love you, our customers.  We really do!  We love, love, love to see families come outside to enjoy their pond, the fish, and spend time playing together. This is why we do what we do! To help you have a less stressful life and to see you enjoy being together with loved ones.

Our goal is to help make owning a pond in Minnesota easy and fun!  
How do we do this?
*Maintain your pond or waterfall giving you time.

*Repairing your pond so it is a beautiful thing instead of a scum pond.

*Bring you beautiful plants. You don’t have to go search the best plants because we have locally grown aquatic plants.

It is our desire to do our very best, even when small.  Our shop and greenhouses are not picture perfect. You may see a goat in my garage if you come for curbside plant pickup.  One of our daughters may be the one putting plants in the trunk of your car and there are Barbie’s under my desk. Because this IS a true mom & pop shop.  We will strive to give you a wonderful experience and I think you will be pleased or at least, amused.

Happy Water Gardening!

– Becky

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