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Three Simple Steps to Clean Pond Water

Water Gardens, fountains, lakes, and ponds all have one thing in common this time of year- green water! And who likes to play and swim in green water?

To fix the green-water-in-your-pond problem, you can follow these three simple steps but it is helpful to know why the water is green.

What Causes Green Pond Water?

Green water comes from plant growth. Sunny days, warm temperatures, and nutrient rich water are the perfect place for plants to grow enthusiastically, and they do grow with enthusiasm! Plant growth can be floating mats of algae, suspended algae, string algae, underwater plants like sago pond weed or water lilies, or marginal plants such as bulrush or cattails (or many other aquatic plants). Most “green water” is caused by the various forms of algae taking advantage of the food in the water and some underwater plant growth.

Three Simple Steps to Clean Pond Water:

  1. Clean the pond! Removing dead leaves, rotten plants, and muck, and preventing grass clippings from blowing in will remove a source of extra nutrients. Scoop out large algae mats or string masses as much as possible.
  2. Treat the algae with an algacide such as Ecoblast or SAB Stream and Pond Cleaner to stop its growth. (*note: This is a temporary fix if you do not proceed to #3.)
  3. Add beneficial bacteria to the water. Beneficial bacteria is pet safe, fish safe, and people safe and is the secret weapon to having clear pond water. The bacteria break down nutrients in the water so algae can’t use it. Bacteria needs time. In new ponds, recently cleaned ponds, or ponds you just added water to, add bacteria every day for a week. Then add it weekly throughout the summer to keep your water clear and sparkling!

Clear pond water is possible and should be expected in a closed system pond. If you have a natural pond, or retention pond, additional measures may be needed to clear the water because of larger nutrient amounts entering the water.

But wait! I followed these steps and my pond is still green!

If you followed the steps and still have extensive algae growth and green water problems, this usually indicates a leak in the pond liner. Additional water being added dilutes the bacteria and brings in fresh nutrients. If you are continually adding water, it may be time to do a leak check.

For more technical questions, feel free to schedule a phone call with one of our awesome technicians! Enjoy your pond this year!

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