How to measure water loss in a pond

Is your pond losing water? A key step in fixing the problem is measuring how much water is being lost. Here are step-by-step instructions on accurately measuring water loss in a pond.

Let’s face it- Ponds loose water! Leak checking is a science but anyone can do it. Here are the simple steps to measuring water loss in a pond.

When your pond is losing water, the first thing to do is to set up a tape measure and actually measure (not just guess) water loss over a 24 hr period.

You will need:
*Tape measure.
*Stick or something to hold the tape measure. A rock works too.
​*Some way to record your readings.

This leak detection process is best done over a 24-48 hr period. 

First, set up the tape measure.  Stick the tape measure into the pond and rest the end on the bottom of the pond.  Anchor the tape measure to the stick or a rock or something. Record the beginning water level.
Note: Water creates a meniscus or curves where it touches the measure.  Take all your measurements at the lowest part of the meniscus or the bottom of this curve.​

Leave the pond running and recheck the measurements the next day at the same time.  Leave the tape measure in place when you check. Do not move the tape measure

Continue to run your pumps for a second 24 hour period then check the water level. Record your measurements.

The measurements will be lower as your pond loses water.  Take the first measurement and subtract the following measurements to find your water loss.  Here is an example: 29 inches Day one.  26.5 inches Day two.  29”- 26.5”= 2.5 inches of water loss over 24 hrs.

Once you have your water loss measurements, you can move on to leak detection!  If you would like to talk with a pond technician, please give us a call at 763-458-8104. 

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