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Algae & Plant Control

Often Lakes & Ponds in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis & St. Paul Areas Of Minnesota (MN) require regular maintenance to fully function as intended and to prevent more costly repairs and retrofitting in the future. We regularly inspect these ponds & lakes and maintain them to keep them clean and healthy all season long.

Routine maintenance of ponds & lakes in our area usually requires management of vegetation (terrestrial and aquatic), evaluation of erosion control measures, accumulated sediment removal, clearing of drainage mechanisms, and removal of debris and trash. 

Vegetation can inhibit fishing, fish spawning grounds, and habitat, and can contribute to the general unhealthy appearance of a pond.  Careful plant identification and a treatment plan are paramount in aquatic vegetation control.
The best way to reduce aquatic plants and algae is to reduce the nutrient load by using pond aeration or a lake bed aeration system.
A secondary approach is the use of aquatic herbicides. Hurried or unplanned use of herbicide can flip a pond by depleting the pond’s oxygen all at once.  Large amounts of dead plants create too much demand on the pond’s oxygen supply as they decompose, resulting in a fish kill.  Unsupervised herbicide use can be illegal and heavy fines may result.


Minnesota Waterscapes in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis & St. Paul Areas Of Minnesota (MN), sells, installs, and maintains, both Kasco and Airmax, floating fountain aerators for all size natural ponds, lakes. Fountains are mostly viewed as an aesthetic addition to an otherwise quiet body of water, but play a vital role in the overall health of your otherwise stagnant pond or lake. The movement of the surface of the water, combined with aeration, from above and below the waters surface, is key to the overall ecosystems survival.


Minnesota Waterscapes in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis & St. Paul Areas Of Minnesota (MN), sells, installs, and provides Airmax bottom-diffused aeration in shallow ponds and lakes that are a unique maintenance challenge to local pond owners. Less water depth means smaller plate coverage which usually translates to bigger, more expensive, multi-plate systems.

Airmax Shallow Water Series™ Aeration Systems provide multiple plates to provide evenly distributed aeration in shallow water applications without forcing customers into large cost-prohibitive aeration units. Designed specifically for use in shallow water, our Shallow Water Series™ Aeration Systems aerate ponds up to 1/2 surface acre at 6’ deep.

Pond & Water Feature Installation, Maintenance, Repair & Renovations Serving Twin Cities, St Paul, Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN)
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