Pitcher Plant, Sarraenia purpurea

Aquatic Plants, Pond Plants, Locally Grown, Minneapolis St. Paul MN, Native, Carnivorous

Type: Marginal pond plant, great bog plant

Flower:  Pitcher Plants are native to boggy areas and are carnivorous. Grown for unique tubular leaves.

Height: 4-12 inches

Light: Full sun for best color.

​Zone: 2-7

Water Depth at planting: Do not submerge foliage.  Prefers boggy areas with roots damp but not totally below the water line.
Do not feed your plants meat or cheese! They will get enough insects (like mosquitos!) to grow well.
For excellent growing tips, please visit carnivorousplantnursery.com
This can be used as a water plant for ponds but may require a bit of experimenting to see it grow well. 

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