Pond Care 101: What Kind of  Pond Chemicals do I Need for Spring?

Water gardens need care, especially in spring.  So, just what chemicals,  also called water treatments, should you use in your fish pond?
 All these items are helpful to the pond owner and are used at different times, depending on your location, sun exposure, fish load, plants used etc. Here is a quick review of the different types of water treatments available. (This list is NOT exhaustive!)
1. Cleaning products  such as waterfall and rock cleaner.  These help break down algae or muck, leaves, and debris.

2. Water chemistry products.  These products help change the pH, detoxify chlorine, neutralize ammonia, and detoxify and chelate heavy metals that can harm pond fish or plants. Some, like Aquascape’s Pond Detoxifier, even change those toxins into useful fertilizers for your water garden plants!

3. Beneficial Bacteria products.  A big part of natural ponds is the invisible partner- beneficial bacteria.  If your pond has a balanced ecosystem, your pond and fish and plants will grow and help each other in the process. Beneficial bacteria help break down debris, fish waste, and other junk. Some bacteria work in cold water and some work in warmer water.  These helpful organisms help keep your pond water clean and clear!


Automatic treatments:

Pond owners don’t have to manually measure and mix water treatments.  Save time by installing an automatic dosing system which adds the measured treatments automatically.  The doser uses bags of treatments and has settings to drip in the correct amount for your pond size.

What do you do? Ask Siri or Alexa to remind you to put in a new bag ofMaintain”  every 20 days or so, then sit back and enjoy a clean pond!

Treat pond by hand for Spring time:


Add SAB (regular) or Waterfall & Rock Cleaner (this is the pro-grade stuff).  Add these products daily for the first two weeks after your pond is started, then weekly after that to clean and prevent algae growth.

(Some people use Barley extract for this same purpose but we have never used it much.)


Add Cold water bacteria– weekly when water is under 55 F. 


Add beneficial bacteria when the water is over 55 F.

In addition to water treatments, clean your pond!  Doing some early spring work will save you time and energy later in the season. If you don’t have time to clean your backyard pond, give us a call.  One-time cleaning, monthly, or yearly maintenance packages are available for pond owners in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.

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