Pond Pumps: New vs. Repair

Three quick questions to ask when deciding if you need to repair or replace your pond or waterfall pump.

You’re enjoying the sound of your backyard pond flowing with the last of your morning routine, and leave to work in Edina, MN. Around 1:30 PM you start dreaming of relaxing by the fish pond. After finishing the stressful day at work, you get home and realize you don’t hear your water flowing. After some detective work and a free phone consultation with the pond doc, you know the pump needs help. Should you get a new pump or repair your pond pump? Can this pump even be repaired?

(Remember, if your pond will not be flowing overnight, it’s a good idea to get an aerator in the pond so the fish have oxygen. )

Can this style of pond pump be repaired?

There are two main types of pond pumps, one which can be repaired and one which must be replaced. Direct drive pumps can be repaired while Asynchronous pumps cannot.  The cost of repairs averages $100-$300 while the cost of a high-quality new pump averages $600-$1300. If you don’t know which style you have, feel free to contact us here and we will help you out.

How do I know if my pump is a direct drive pump?

  • A direct-drive pump has a motor shaft that spins the impeller.  This impeller is usually the only part emerging from the pump motor body.
  • The pump will usually be used for high volumes (high working dynamic head) of water. You will typically see them used in ponds and waterfalls because they are able to move water higher and for longer distances. 
  • The impeller has curved vanes which give power and allow some solids to pass through.
  • They are rather heavy pumps.

An asynchronous pump only turns one way.  Asynchronous pumps are also called Hy-drive pumps (hybrid drive pumps). A mag drive pump relies on magnets to move the impeller.  They move a smaller amount of water but are more efficient and quiet. These pumps are used for fountains and small basins.

We have worked with Aquasurge, Little Giant, Tsurumi, AqusacapePro, Pond Boss, Easy Pro, and Aquascape pumps. We can often have your pump rebuilt by one of our rebuild specialists.  While you wait for the repairs, a loaner pump will be placed in your pond to keep it running smoothly.

Is my pump the correct pump for my pond or waterfall?
For a healthy pond, you need the right pump.  The pond water should be circulated completely through the filter once per 1-2 hrs. When pumps go out, it is often an indicator that it is the wrong pump for the job. When properly sized, we regularly see pumps last 6-10 years.  To make sure that you have the correct pump, check this handy list of questions. 
If this is the wrong pump for the job, get a new pump and start enjoying your pond again!

Benefits of a new pond pump: 
Newer pumps are often more energy efficient. ​
Newer pumps can be controlled with a remote or with a smartphone app.
For 6 detailed questions that walk you through purchasing a new pump, click here.

We have a repair team on during the entire week and respond within 24 hours on weekdays, and if you have a question or emergency repair on a weekend we respond when we can, and will by Monday at noon. Submit a request for assistance on our contact page, or call.
We look forward to helping you with your Aquascape pump issues wherever you are in the 7 county area around the Twin Cities, focusing on cities like Edina, Wayzata, Plymouth, Minnetonka, and others!

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