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Pond Repairs

Pond & Waterfall Repair

Servicing The Surrounding Areas of…
Twin Cities, Minneapolis & St. Paul Areas Of Minnesota (MN)

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Did You Just Buy A Home With A Pond

Did you just buy a home in the Twin Cities that has an existing pond and you are wondering how to take care of it? Maybe you've had a pond for a while that has always given you trouble?

Our Pond maintenance, repair services are designed specifically for those customers in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota (MN) surrounding areas that own a pond and need assistance/advice or products for their existing Pond.

Whether you have Algae problems or waterfall issues, stubborn leaks, green/smelly water, or simply just have questions on how to take care of your pond maintenance and repairs.

65% of our new clients are people desperate for help with their fish ponds installed by “Other” pond contractors. We have maintenance packages available to help every budget and maintain a variety of filtration systems. But we only install one fish pond ecosystem… The Aquascape Ecosystem.
It’s sad but true, our primary business is refurbishing and maintaining existing ponds to make them function properly. Some of these ponds installed by other “professional” pond installers or landscapers leave little to be desired, and loads of problems and issues that drive people crazy and force them to look for help.

Repairman Services

Pumps & Plumbing

Identifying problems
Fixing pump if possible
Replacing pumps (2-year warranties)

Lights & Installation

Identifying lighting pond problems
Fixing pond lighting problem
Replacing bulbs
Replacing wiring
Replacing new lights (5-year warranty)
Replacing transformer
Pond Lighting consultations are available

Water Quality Issues

Identifying problem
Develop Solution plan
We will determine what treatment plan to get your pond’s ecosystem performing in tip-top shape.

Tried Everything to find your leak? But still can't find it?

Odds are you have a hole in your pond liner now. That is just what you needed, something else to fix. Not to mention, the hole is probably somewhere near the bottom of the liner, or behind a big rock. And why should it not be? Ok let’s get started and fix that leak. Do you have fish in your pond? If you do, you may have to remove them and put them in a holding tank while repairs are being made. That being said, rarely do we find a hole in the liner, but those leaks are very pesky! We can help isolate where the leak is, and recommend the most efficient plan to repair the leak.

Fish-KOI Pond Maintenance & Water Feature Maintenance, Repair & Service Contractor Serving Twin Cities, Minneapolis & St. Paul Areas Of Minnesota (MN)
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