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Perfectly Clear Pond Water?

Perfectly Clear Pond Water?

Perfectly clear pond water in Minnesota? Yes, if you use beneficial bacteria! Be ready for that graduation party by starting now.  Here are the details… You can have very clean pond water!  But how, you ask? Here is the short version:You need to be on offense!  Algae,...

Do I need a bottom drain for my Minnesota pond?

Find out if your Edina, Plymouth, Minnetonka, or Twin Cities pond needs a bottom drain. The quick answer is that you probably​ don’t need one for your backyard pond.  Most Minnesota ponds are small or shallow enough so installing a bottom drain would be a...

Twin Cities Pond Care: Deep Clean

As winter is giving way to a new beginning for spring, we look forward to meeting our fish friends, who are similar to our “snowbird” friends that disappear for the winter! While our pond fish weren’t someplace warm, we sure do miss them! Twin cities residents, is...
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