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Type: Marginal

Blooms: Foliage plant

Light: Part sun to part shade

Height: 3-5 feet

Zone: 9-11

Taros have large heart-shaped leaves held up by tall stems. Not a hardy plant but worth growing for the dramatic color! Heavy feeder- fertilize regularly.

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Current Varieties:



Imperial Taro has dusty black-purple heart-shaped foliage with bright green veins shooting out from the middle.

‘Pharoh’s Mask’:

Pharaoh’s Mask Taro has deep purple stripes on glossy green, heart-shaped foliage. 

‘Tea Cup’:

Tea Cup Taro is named after the upward-facing leaves’ ability to hold rainwater.  Dusty green leaves have dark purple stalks, veins, and edges.

‘Black Magic’:

‘Black Magic’

Large, dusty purple leaves raised above the water on slender purple stems.

Dwarf Variegated:

Dwarf Variegated Taro has green heart-shaped leaves splashed with creamy white. It is our only dwarf variety, growing to 2 feet tall.

Photos Coming Soon:

‘Black Coral’:

Black Coral Taro has shiny dark purple heart-shaped leaves.

‘White Lava’:

White Lava Taro has shiny green heart-shaped leaves with a bold white starburst starting at the center of each leaf.


‘Elena’ Taro has vibrant lime green heart-shaped leaves.

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