Things you can do with your Pond

Have friends over for an evening near the pond.
Visiting Grandma, Ramsey, MN
Things you can do with your pond:Host an evening of fun around your pond: dinner, snacks, drinks etc. Use the event to raise money for your favorite charity.”Name my fish” contest. Donate funds to charityHave friends and neighbors over on night to unite. Ponds make great meeting places. They are so relaxing!Take photos of your pond, flowers, and animals. Post them on social media. Use the pics for cards, an email signature, or wall hangingSit with your kids near the pond. Teach them how to listen and observe nature.Train your fish to come when you tap on a rock. They can learn to eat out of your hand. (It works best if this happens at the same time each day.)Rest your sore feet in the cool water after a walk or run. Open your window at night so you can hear the water flowing.Tell your neighbor to open their window too.Invite a graduating senior to take their senior pictures near your waterfall or pond.Hang a bird feeder near your pond.  Create a list to see how many different birds visit your pond.Put lights in the pond.  Stay up and watch who visits the pond in the evening. (Racoons and cats visited ours.)Take photos of your pond.  Have them framed. Donate the pictures to a silent auction or bring them to a senior residence or nursing home to help decorate the walls.Use photos of your pond to create puzzlesGive the puzzles to someone who is sick or shut in.

waterfall and fire ring near Plymouth, MN

Children can enjoy the pond

Desert Steel bird feeder

Girls playing near pond in Minneapolis, MN

Koi Fish Pond


by Becky Chudek, lead horticulturist for Minnesota Waterscapes

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