When Can I Put Plants In My Pond In Minnesota?

It’s spring time, and I want my pond to look beautiful! Lots of Water Lilies, Horsetail, Cattail, Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, and others all shining in the sun!

In early spring in Minnesota, Most native pond plants are just starting to sprout so adding a few more natives will be just fine. However, if you are planning to drop in tropical plants like water hyacinth or water lettuce, we recommend that you wait until May 12th and after that, check the forecast!

Native marsh marigolds blooming in early spring

Tropical plants prefer water temperatures to be 65-75F (optimum) and the air temperature 65-86F. They can survive when the water is 50-55F but will not actively grow. They can’t handle air temperature lower than 45 degrees, so bring them in if the forecast looks cool.

African Sunset Canna Lily

If you want to chance a few frosty leaves, plant earlier! But if you don’t want to replace them, I would wait until Mother’s Day weekend.

-Becky, Chief Horticulturist

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