When can I start my pond?  Do these three things first!

Spring is here folks!
The snow is melting. The air smells different- moist, not dry.  Menards has spring sales like patio furniture and seed starting kits on sale.

So we begin to think of our gardens, specifically our backyard ponds and waterfalls. You may ask, “When should I start up my pond?” After the snow is gone it seems natural to turn your pond pump on to get the water flowing again. But wait!
Do these three things first before starting your pond:

1. Check for ICE. in your pond.
Is the pump basket (skimmer basket) free of ice even at the bottom?  If not, let it sit.  Ice will prevent enough water from  flowing around your pump, potentially burning it up.  Purchasing a replacement pump is not a pretty way to start the gardening season. 
​Is the biofalls or waterfall area free of all ice?
Is the bog ice free?
2.  Next, do a little clean up.  Scoop dead leavers or rotten pond plants out.  Clean the scum off the pond bottom by using a net or deep clean it with a power sprayer.  
3. Check the temperature.  Do not feed the fish until the water is at least 45/50 Fahrenheit. Koi fish don’t really process the food until that water temperature is reached.  Unprocessed food may sit in the stomach and rot.  Protect your pond fish by holding off on the food!  They will nibble on algae and floating debris if they need something.
Colorful pond fish, enjoying nibbling on bits of algae.
That’s it folks!  Pond maintenance in spring is fairy simple.  You can do this!  And if you just don’t want to, call to set up a maintenance check by our professional techicians.  They can take care of the grunt work so you can Enjoy Your Pond!


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