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Pond Pumps: New vs. Repair

Three quick questions to ask when deciding if you need to repair or replace your pond or waterfall pump. You’re enjoying the sound of your backyard pond flowing with the last of your morning routine, and leave to work in Edina, MN. Around 1:30 PM you start dreaming of...

Build a Pond! Should I use a machine or not to build it?

Build a Pond! Should I use a machine or not to build it?

Want to build a pond?   Should you use big rocks or smaller rocks? Take a quick picture tour of several ponds built near Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN using a machine versus setting rocks by hand.Building a pond is a fun way to spend time outdoors! Whether you hire it...

How Do I Get Perfectly Clean Pond Water?

As pond and waterfall owners, we all want crystal clear water, but is this possible when algae decides to take over? The answer is - Yes, if you use beneficial bacteria! Get a head start on that algae before it even knows what happened! Use cold water bacteria in your...

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